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From Crowd-Funding to Cow-Funding

With GO-FUNDS Cow funding is made simple for a wider reach and people from all around the world will have the opportunity to bring a touch of home, and Vedic tradition with them. They will be able to sponsor the care for these majestic, beautiful and peaceful animals.

Go-seva or service to cows is understood to bring auspiciousness and wealth into one’s life. This service can take many forms and all amounts are needed to help many goshalas throughout the world to maintain their standard of care and reach their objectives.

Go-Funds has the ability and potential to unite people from all walks of life in a way that very few projects can and you have the ability to create global change by helping one goshala, even one cow at a time.

There is no donation too small or too big for this project, and every single amount is welcomed and cherished. Every cent makes an incredible difference in the lives of these animals who are most dear to the Supreme Lord. Each donation can be made as a one time donation, or as a monthly recurring donation, and it is our hope that whatever amount you consider, you make as a monthly recurring donation, making these majestic cows and these projects part of your family.


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