60th Birthday (Shastiapthapoorthi)
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Amritaghateswarar-Abirami Temple

Thirukadaiyur, Tamilnadu

What is Shastiapthapoorthi?

Shastiapthapoorthi is performed during the male’s 60th Birthday. According to the Hindu calendar, planetary positions repeat itself every 60 years and during a male’s 60th birthday, the planetary positions will be similar to the day he was born. Shastiapthapoorthi ensures long life with bounty wealth and good health.

Where to conduct Shastiapthapoorthi function? 

It is advised to perform Shastiapthapoorthi function at Thirukadaiyur Amirtha kadeshwarar – Abirami Temple which is located  in nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu.  The Moolavar in thirukadaiyur temple is Amirtha Kadeshwarar and Amman is Abhirami .  Thirukadaiyur temple is almost 1000 – 1500 years old.  Lord Shiva in this temple is Swayambumurthi and came from the  Amirtha so he is called as Amirtha Kadeshwar.


Shastiapthapoorthi involves performing different poojas and homam like ayush homam, mrityunjaya homam, dhanvantri homam along with abhishekam and mangalya dharanam ceremony  for the well-being of the couples and lead a happy and healthy life.

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