Our Mission

God is omnipotent. The chanting of mantraas, the singing of hymns, the chiming bells , performing sacred rituals and above all the holiness prevailing around the sanctum sanctorum, prompt the devotees closer to the divinity. 27 Mantraa aims to assist you, in performing remedy pujas, homam, booking a pilgrimage trip, darshan ticket, receiving a holy Prasad, visiting various religious places, sacred shrines around the country and makes you travel to your dream destination hassle-free with only prayers & mantraa’s in your mind.

Our Approach

India stands for countless sacred temples and holy shrines. For the devotees keen on offering a prayer, puja at these temples & shrines or wanting to be in contact with these places of worship, we 27 Mantraa bring you a comprehensive, easy to use platform where all the required information and guidance would be available.

About us

For most of the peoples, praying at temples, holy shrines is not just for a fleeting sense of gratification but for an eternal drive of their devotional self. We worship the divine presence in our idols and the reverberating essence of holiness in our temples & Shrines. The unflinching faiths of the devotees have turned many of our religious places into sanctum sanctorum of all powerful energy.

This is our endeavor to provide our customers with high quality, comprehensive, consistent and secure platform to fulfill their religious aspirations. The Compiled data will help the devotees to travel to visit various temples, and shrines across the country. We hope our service will help in guiding the devotees in their spiritual quest. For any queries or suggestions, please contact us at 27mantraa@gmail.com

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