Chandi Homam
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Chandi Homam relieves one from all bad evils, curses, obstacles, sickness, if any, besides it brings peace, lasting health, wealth and prosperity.  Chandi Homam is dedicated to Maa Chandi, Durga. This homam is performed mainly during Navaratri. It is a divine technique which is used to remove the hurdles of our path.

Rs.25,000 – 60,000

Pooja Packages:

Standard:  2 priests & Pooja Materials Rs.11,300

Premium : 4 priests & Pooja materials Rs.17,400

Purpose and Benefits:

Chandi Homam is performed to remove the curses, evil eyes or any kind of dosham faced since long time. It helps in getting long lasting health, wealth and prosperity. Chandi Homam opens a way to experience both spiritual and materialistic pleasures. It removes the past misdeeds and helps in attaining fame, strength and ultimate Victory over all evils.

Pooja Description:

Goddess Chandi is regarded as one of the most spectacular avataram. She is regarded as the Mother of this Universe. This homam is regarded as the most ‘Powerful’ homam so needs full devotion and dedication.  The Core of the ceremony involves a recitation of the Durga Saptashati followed by homam. This homam eliminates all the negative energies and guides one towards a content and harmonious life.

We will send you our professional Purohit / Pandit trained in Hindu Vedic Padashala to conduct the puja at Devotees given location (home, office, temple etc.) and time (27 Mantraa will fix the date & time according to the Devotees nakshatra on an auspicious date).

If one is not able to attend the homam we will perform the pooja on your behalf and we will send you our prasad to your mentioned address.

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