Puja is the process of worshipping God with pure mind and heart. Puja is done every day at home and in temples. Those who know the procedure of Puja will do it at home every day in the morning and some people do it in the evening too. The duration of a basic Puja is anywhere between 5 minutes to 3 hours and it depends on the type of Puja one performs. In temples, regular Pujas are performed in the morning, as well as in the evening. In addition to regular Pujas, many special Pujas take place in temples during day time and evening. Special Pujas are performed during festivals like Diwali, Ram Navami, Dussera, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chathurthi, etc.,
Mainly, Pujas are of two types - Simple Pujas and Detailed Pujas. Beauty is, God would be pleased by the quality of Puja and not by the duration of Puja.  So, a devotee can receive the grace of God by performing either of these Pujas according to his/her capacity. A Simple Puja A simple Puja is a very basic one in which a devotee offers prayers glorifying God’s attributes and thanking him for everything that he/she has been given in this life. These prayers are offered in the form of chants and verses from Holy Scriptures like the Vedas, Bhagavat Gita, Ramayana, Bhagavatham, etc. Depending on the length of the prayer recited, this Puja will take only 5 to 15 minutes. Every faithful Hindu performs simple Puja every day in the morning after the shower, before eating food. When performing this Puja, usually a devotee stands or sits in front of God’s idol or picture. A Detailed Puja In a detailed Puja, a devotee worships God in several steps and all these steps demonstrates his/her love and devotion to God. The duration for this Puja is anywhere between 30 mins to 3 hours. A detailed Puja contains several steps in which 16 services are offered to God with love and devotion. These steps are similar to how we honor and treat our beloved guests during their visit to our place.
Pujas are the answer to the question "How to Overcome Negative Energy?".  Happiness and peace are the most precious gifts of one’s life. Everyone has to undergo several obstacles before possessing the divine blessings. The "obstacles" faced on the pathway of success is the "negative energy".  Removal of negative energy is possible only through a divine positive vigor, like Pujas or Pariharas (Remedy Puja).   Gods and Goddesses are the divine power who help in the removal of negative energy and put an end to the negative forces that invades one’s life. It is believed that the Divine emerged just to help mankind during times of difficulties. Their positive aggressiveness will unchain one from the sufferings of enemies, evil eyes, health ailments, obstacles and other mental & physical traumas. It is strongly believed that the sufferings one endures during this lifetime are the effects of bad karma from the previous lifetimes. Gods' blessings will liberate from negative energy and will bless with the drive to win the challenges of life. There are special divine techniques to approach Gods and Goddesses to get rid of any negative energy. Performing Pujas and Pariharas (Remedy Puja) will gift the best things in life. The powerful vibrations of Pujas will help get rid of negative energy in any form like enemies, accidents, evil eye casting and other hostile elements. The Goddesses will shield one with positivity, peace and prosperity forever, when one tries accessing her divinity. Pujas are the recommended divine solution to conquer all the lost powers and to sweep away misfortunes, health ailments, obstacles, rivalry and other bad spirits! You will cherish the best of your moments when you are enfolded with dynamic powers.
Homam is a very powerful tool for spiritual progress. Chanting mantras in front of fire while offering material substances into fire has a great cleansing and calming influence on one's mind and gives a great level of mental focus, peace, calmness and bliss. This practice has been extolled in many scriptures such as Yajurveda and Bhagavad Gita. Vedic seers practiced it regularly. Several people are experiencing the benefits of Homam even today. The proof of the pudding is in eating; the benefit of Homam is in the improvement of one's mental state. Success, happiness, achievements, fame, wealth and pleasures that are seek or enjoyed in life are the results of one’s deeds or actions.  However, the nature of life is such that, though one may have complete control over their actions, they cannot have control over the results. Various outer forces and factors influence and determine the results of one’s actions. This is a day-to-day fact in the life of each and every one of us. The ancient seers have understood this so well that they have prescribed various tools, techniques and remedies to help fulfill one’s different needs, goals and aspirations. Homam (fire Rituals) is one such powerful technology to ensure that the results of the actions are fruitful and all dreams are realized.
Apart from regular Pujas, we also offer Remedy Pujas, Homams, Archanas, Abhishekam and other Sevas like Thirumanjanam, Kalyana Utsavam etc. However, the availability of these Sevas depends on the temples users choose or the dates most conducive for such Sevas to be performed.
i) Logon to our website, register as a member or continue to avail our services as a guest. ii) Search for Pujas, temples of your choice in the search bars provided and choose your choice of Pujas. iii) Once done, you will be able to enter the necessary details and make an online payment via secured payment gateways.
i) Once you complete your payment transaction and schedule a Puja or Homam we generate an order and email the booking confirmation to you along with other requisite details. ii) On the scheduled date, you will receive an update from us about the timing of the Pujas or Homam and its successful completion. iii) Our team will take necessary steps for performing the Puja or Homam of your choice and ship the Prasadam to the shipping address mentioned by you at the time of booking.
You can change, prepone, postpone your orders by sending us a request at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled date and time. This will give us time to make the necessary changes without any issues and inconveniences. However, the above mentioned facilities are only provided subject to availability, our ability and feasibility to undertake the Puja/Homam on the rescheduled date.
Unfortunately, once you book a Puja or Homam, the same cannot be cancelled as the process is set in motion almost instantaneously. However, you can change the dates and details of the Puja or Homam provided the change request is sent to us at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled date and time.
i) The Prasadam that you receive after the completion of your Puja or Homam depends on the temple and the type of Puja or Homam chosen. Usually, the Prasadam comprises of Vibhooti , Kumkum, Sandalwood paste and in some cases even coconuts, flowers and cloth. ii) We undertake to delivery only non-perishable Prasadam. iii) The Prasadam is delivered within 20 days, from the date of performing the Puja or Homam. We inform our clients about the shipping details as soon as the Prasadam has been dispatched, so that they can track the movement of consignment online by themselves. However, the above duration may vary depending upon the delivery destination iv) The Prasadams are couriered in official envelopes, addressed directly to the customer via India Post or through other couriers. TWENTY SEVEN MANTRAA TOURS & TRAVELS PRIVATE LIMITED shall not be liable or responsible for any damage, spillage or changes in quality of the products within the shipment. TWENTY SEVEN MANTRAA TOURS & TRAVELS PRIVATE LIMITED shall not be liable for any mishandling done to the shipment on whole or some products within it or the packaging of the shipment.
In case of any issues, you can reach us through support@27mantraa.com or please call +91 9095 8989 87 to speak to our customer care executives for assistance. Kindly note that the Puja details including, but not limited to the date, day, the name of the person on whose behalf the Puja will be conducted can be changed, but not the Temple or deity as each Puja has different costs and processes. Orders once placed through the website or through any other medium may not be cancelled or refunded. However, under an exceptional circumstance, only wherein the company fails to deliver the Prasadam to the User, the website will refund the entire amount charged from you, within 90 days.
God is omnipotent. The chanting of mantraas, the singing of hymns, the chiming bells, performing sacred rituals and above all the holiness prevailing around the sanctum sanctorum, prompt the devotees closer to the divinity. 27 Mantraa aims to assist you, in performing Remedy Pujas, Homams, booking pilgrimages, Darshan ticket, receiving holy Prasadam, visiting various religious places, sacred shrines around the country and makes you travel to your dream destination hassle-free with only prayers & mantraa’s in your mind.

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