Remedy Product Five

Remedy Product Five


Puja will be offered to the presiding deity.  Puja will be done daily on Rahu Kalam for 5 days

Recommended Temples : Vanadurga Devi Temple, Kadiramangalam

Recommended Days : Any Days


1) People affected with black magic/vaseekaran will get rid of those evils

2) relieve one from various adverse effects due to the ill positioning of Rahu, Ketu and Mangal / Mars. 

Temple Details

Kathiramangalam Vana Durga, temple situated in Kathiramangalam, Thanjavur District in Tamil Nadu.   Kathiramangalam Vana Durga is one of the Nava (9) Durga temples. The presiding deity is Shri Vana Durga Parameswari Amman. It is believed that she visits Kashi during the nights and comes back every day. The ancient name of the Village is “Siva Malliga Vanam”. Special pujas are held during Raahu Kaalam on Sundays at this temple and the goddess is also called Raahu Kaala Durga.  If you are the victim of black magic/ vaseekaran you can seek for remedy at the Vana Durga Temple, Kadiramangalam by offering special prayers with Kumkum. People affected with black magic/ vaseekaran need to perform kumkum archana along with offering garland  of  lemon to goddess Durga devi to get rid of the same.  

Prasad Package

1) Puja in individual/ family name

2) Holy Kumkum

3) Blessed lemon

4) Ma Durga deity Photo

5) Sloka/Mantraa to get rid of evils/black magic, Vaseekaran.  Prasad will be sent at the end of finishing the Puja Schedule by Post/Courier.

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