Remedy Product Six

Remedy Product Six

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Puja will be offered to the presiding deity.  Puja will be done daily on Rahu Kalam for 5 days

Recommended Temple : Durga Devi Temple, Patteeswaram

Recommended Days : Any Days


1) People affected with black magic/vaseekaran will get rid of those evils

2) relieve one from various adverse effects due to the ill positioning of Rahu, Ketu and Mangal / Mars. 

Temple Details

Thenupuriswarar Temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva located in the holy village of Patteeswaram, Tamil Nadu, India. Shiva is worshiped as Thenupuriswarar, and is represented by the lingam. His consort Parvati is depicted as Nyanambikai (Somakamalambigai). The presiding deity is revered in the 7th century.  The shrine of the goddess Durga is very popular here. Unlike in other temples, Durga here is very soft in look and grace (Shanta Swarupi). Sitting on her vehicle lion, placing the feet on the head of the demon Mahishasura, the goddess appears in a Tribanga stature, eight hands, three eyes and jewels in the ears. Generally, the lion faces right, however the lion here faces the left side. In her hands, the goddess holds, conch, wheel, bow, arrow, sword, shield and a parrot.  If you are the victim of black magic/ vaseekaran you can seek for remedy at the Patteeswaram Durga Devi Temple by offering special prayers with Kumkum.  People affected with black magic/ vaseekaran need to perform kumkum archana along with offering garland  of  lemon to goddess Durga devi to get rid of the same.  

Prasad Details

1) Puja in individual/ family name

2) Holy Kumkum

3) Blessed lemon

4) Ma Durga deity Photo

5) Sloka/Mantraa to get rid of evils/black magic, Vaseekaran.  Prasad will be sent at the end of finishing the Puja Schedule by Post/Courier.

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