Navagraha Homam
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Navagraha homam is considered one of the auspicious homam to remove Navagraha Dosha. The person who is suffering from misfortunes, heavy loss or failure in business or life – the Navagraha homam is very much ideal for them.

We all face some Dasa Kalam as per our horoscope. The functioning of the basic elements are controlled by “Navagrahas”. All our actions and reactions, ups and downs, happiness and adversities are controlled by the movement of these nine planets.

Rs.8,750.00 – 17,400.00

Pooja Packages:

Standard:  2 priests & Pooja Materials Rs.11,300

Premium : 4 priests & Pooja materials Rs.17,400

Purpose and Benefits:

Navagraha Homam can make the situations favorable for us and thus ensuring us a grand success in our field. This homam can be the remedy for the people who are craving for a happy married life, delay in child birth, facing stuck ups in business and personal life.  By detail study of our horoscope and by performing Navagraha Homam most of the unfortunate events can be blocked.  Their influence on a person’s life is inescapable and one must try their level best to cultivate good will to get win their positive effects on them .

Pooja Description:

Navagraha Homam can be performed on any auspicious day fixed by our pandits. It is performed in Navagraha Yantra by offering Nava Dhanya, Nava Vastram and 9 types of Naivedhyam. Each graha is offered different colour, cloth or flower.  Navagraha Homam focuses on the positive effects of the beneficial planets and uproots the negative effects of malefic planets. Navagraha Homam guarantees Graha Shanti!

We will send you our professional Purohit / Pandit trained in Hindu Vedic Padashala to conduct the puja at Devotees given location (home, office, temple etc.) and time (27 Mantraa will fix the date & time according to the Devotees nakshatra on an auspicious date).

If one is not able to attend the homam we will perform the pooja on your behalf and we will send you our prasad to your mentioned address.

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