Pariharam for Budan
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Swetharanyeshwarar Temple

Thiruvengadu, Tamilnadu

Why should we perform Pariharam for Budan?

Budan is regarded as a neutral planet which causes good and bad effects when it conjoins with other planets. Budan rules one’s education and relationships. Malefic effects of Budan in a person’s horoscope may cause hardships to one’s relationships and deprive them of wealth and wisdom.

Pariharam for Budan is usually performed in Swetharanyeshwarar temple which was praised by all four Saivite saints. Pariharam for Budan enhances intelligence, decision-making and communication skills.

Leave it to the experts ! 27 Mantraa team works with the temple authorities to get everything ready for you and guide you through the steps of the pooja.

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