Pariharam for Sani
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Dharbaranyeshwarar Temple

Thirunallar, Tamilnadu

Why should we perform Pariharam for Sani?

Sani causes both good and bad effects based on the planet’s position in one’s horoscope. Sani is known to bless with healthy life & prosperous career, also cause depression, frustrations and delay in success, based on one’s past karma.

Pariharam for Sani is performed in Dharbaranyeshwarar temple, where Sani Bhagavan is seen showing the Abhaya Mudra or gesture of fearlessness. Pariharam for Sani dispels one from the malefic effects of the planet and is known to bring prosperity in one’s life.

Leave it to the experts ! 27 Mantraa team works with the temple authorities to get everything ready for you and guide you through the steps of the pooja.

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