Pariharam for Sevvai
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Vaitheeswaran Temple

Sirkazhi, Tamilnadu

Why should we perform Pariharam for Sevvai?

Sevvai is perceived to inspire stronger desires, inspiration and willpower in a person’s life. The malignant effects of Sevvai in one’s horoscope may lead to an unexpected delay of marriage, friction between couples in the post-marriage life & divorces.

Pariharam for Sevvai is performed in Vaitheeswaran Temple which is a very significant place of many mythological occurrences. Pariharam for Sevvai eliminates all kind of obstacles, blesses one with vivid thoughts and gives stability to personal & professional life.

Leave it to the experts ! 27 Mantraa team works with the temple authorities to get everything ready for you and guide you through the steps of the pooja.

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