Koothanur Saraswathi Temple

Koothanur Saraswathi Temple


Koothanur is a small village located near Poonthattam in Tamilnadu. The uniqueness of this temple lies in the fact that, it is dedicated exclusively to the goddess of learning – Saraswati. This village is famous for the Saraswati Temple which is exclusively dedicated to the Goddess of learning and its association with tamil poet, Ottakoothar.

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Purpose and Benefits:

People aspiring for knowledge and education come to this shrine to pray goddess saraswati. On full moon days, children are brought here and the word “OM” is written on their tongues with a stick dipped in honey. It is believed such children blossom into fine orators, poets, musicians.

Couples separated from each other or undergoing marital problems come here and offer pujas and prayers to Maa Saraswati to start a new chapter in their married life.

Prasad Includes:

  • Archanai in self & family members name
  • Pack of Kumkum
  • Blessed Stationery.
  • Auspicious & Sacred photo of  Koothanur Saraswati Maa.
  • Powerful Saraswati Yantra/Hayagriva Yantra

We are not a temple representative, but we offer Puja’s and Prayers on your behalf and send Prasad to your doorsteps in 7-10 working days. The price which you pay to us includes various steps to make sure, things are delivered to you safely:-

2 layer packaging, Professional Logistic & Shipping Charges, Payment collection procedure, Paying of taxes and various expenses.

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