Santhoshi Mata Temple, Chennai

Santhoshi Mata Temple, Chennai


Santoshi Mata is considered a manifestation of Durga. She is regarded as the Goddess of joy and satisfaction. Believed to be the daughter of Lord Ganesha, she is a kind-hearted form of Goddess Durga, who is pure and gentle.  Santhoshi Mata is regarded as a lovely and loveable divinity, who is extremely sympathetic to the requirements of her devotees.

This Goddess is generally depicted as sitting on a lotus in full bloom. She is also seen with four hands, holding a trident, sword and a bowl of sugar in three of her hands and offering protection through the Abhaya mudra, held in her principal right hand.

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Purpose and Benefits:

It is believed that, offering Puja’s and Prayer to Santhoshi Mata helps in getting good life partner, resume stopped marriage.

Prasad Includes:

  • Archanai in self & family members name
  • Pack of Kumkum
  • Blessed Bangles (12 Nos)
  • Auspicious & Sacred photo of  Santhoshi Mata
  • Powerful Durga Yantra/Sri Mahalakshmi Yantra

We are not a temple representative, but we offer Puja’s and Prayers on your behalf and send Prasad to your doorsteps in 7-10 working days. The price which you pay to us includes various steps to make sure, things are delivered to you safely:-

2 layer packaging, Professional Logistic & Shipping Charges, Payment collection procedure, Paying of taxes and various expenses.

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