Puja for Cancer Cure
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Karkadeshwarar Temple

Thirundu Devankudi, Tamilnadu

Why should we perform Puja for Cancer Cure?

Cancer is considered one of the deadliest diseases of this century. People affected by cancer not just go through physical ailments, but also experience mental depression and delusion. There’s no greater medicine above the grace of Almighty. Visiting holy shrines will fill the minds of the affected and their family with positivity that will help combat and ward off such illnesses.

Performing Puja in Karkadeshwarar Temple, Thirundu devankudi  helps in overcoming the complications in Cancer Cure.

Puja for Cancer Cure involves performing  Mrityunjaya Homam, Dhanvantry Homam & Puja for the well being.

Leave it to the experts ! 27 Mantraa team works with various authorities to get everything ready for you and guide you through the steps of the Puja.

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