Puja for Diabetes Cure
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Venni Karumbeeshwarar Temple

Kovil Venni, Tamilnadu

Apart from health problems, the weak placement of planets in the horoscope is also known to cause diabetes problem, according to Vedic astrology. Venni Karumbeeshwarar temple, which has a self-manifested lingam, seen to be formed from sugarcane stems is known to cure people of diabetes. Lord Shiva, the presiding deity along with Goddess Soundara Nayaki blesses the devotees with good health & long life.

Pujas and prayers offered Venni Karumbeeshwarar Temple, Kovil Venni  have been known to remove the problems arising out of diabetes and helps in curing diabetes.

Puja for Diabetes Cure involves performing  Dhanvantry Homam, Abishegam & Archanai  for the well being.

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