Puja for Marriage
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Kalyana Sundara Moorthy

Thiruveezhi Mizhalai, Tamilnadu

Weak placement of planets in a horoscope, result of bad karmas in the past & present lives, and other doshams cause obstacles to one’s marriage. Visiting holy shrines can repel away negative energies and barriers in matrimony and bless the person with a suitable and desirable spouse, along with an abundance of happiness, health and wealth throughout life.

Performing Puja in Kalyana Sundara Moorthy Temple, Thiruveezhi Mizhalai, Tamilnadu helps in overcoming the complications in Marriage.

Puja for Marriage involves performing  Swayamvara Parvathy Homam & Puja for the well being.

Leave it to the experts ! 27 Mantraa team works with various authorities to get everything ready for you and guide you through the steps of the Puja.

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