Sudarsana Homam
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Sudarsana Homam is removal of all enemies & avoiding accidents. This is to improve the energy level in the environment and to eliminate undesirable elements.  ‘Sudarshana’ the word itself comprises of two meanings ‘Su’ means good and ‘Darshana’ means visibility. Lord Sudarshan who is one of the avataram of Maha Vishnu is worshipped in Sudarshana Homam.

Rs.8,750.00 – 17,400.00

Pooja Packages:

Standard:  2 priests & Pooja Materials Rs.11,300

Premium : 4 priests & Pooja materials Rs.17,400

Purpose and Benefits:

It is the best pariharam or remedy, for avoiding chronic illness, eliminating the evil spells, Black magic.  It is believed that this homam has the power to remove the sufferings especially when the last rites of the departed soul are not performed properly which might sometimes result in the sufferings of the progeny belonging to later generations.

Sudarshana Homam relieves you from all the negative forces and unpredictable worries. It blossom up your life with happiness and prosperity. This homam elevates you towards success in any new start ups and blesses us with growth and victory. It helps to recover from health disorders and all types of sufferings.

Pooja Description:

Sudarshana Homam starts with Ganapathy Homam, kalasa Puja followed by punyaha vachana and then the Sudarshana maha mantra will be recited as Parayana and it will be followed by Homam. Sankalp will be done specifying your name and nakshatra and the crisis they want to get relieve from. The 8 material Ghritha, Samith, Thila, Sarshpa, Panchakavyam, Thandula, Payasa and Ajya is offered in the homam. At the end of homam ‘Dhana’ an offering is done to brahmins.

We will send you our professional Purohit / Pandit trained in Hindu Vedic Padashala to conduct the puja at Devotees given location (home, office, temple etc.) and time (27 Mantraa will fix the date & time according to the Devotees nakshatra on an auspicious date).

If one is not able to attend the homam we will perform the pooja on your behalf and we will send you our prasad to your mentioned address.

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